TOUR: ‘Dis is Dee Life

Dee has been a very close member of the Risque Family for a period approaching decades. DeesClub has literally hundreds of pages of stories and insights into “Dee Life” as she lived, and lives, it. She has shared tens of thousands of photos and videos with people over the years, and we were there to compile all of this into one all-encompassing Club for her. If you really want to know Dee, then DeesClub reigns as the absolute best place to accomplish that goal. What follows represent actual posts or “media” from actual moments in time. As for Dee herself, although she limits her appearances to her Message Board these days, no star we have seen has been able to follow her yet.

If you want to get the short answer on Dee, you need only look to the people that know her best.

From the Risqué Star Page Dee Index:

Our industry in particular overuses the term “exotic.” Webster (the dictionary, not the little obnoxious kid from 80’s television) explains it thus: “… strikingly or excitingly different or unusual.” That about sums it up for us.

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It’s All About Dee Kitty

Pussyman’s Black Bad Girls 13 — (and Dee)

by D.Minion

risque imageDee was having car trouble, so there were two reasons I accompanied her to the set of Pussyman’s Black Bad Girls. Well, three, actually. She’s been so busy producing and directing that I hardly ever see her. This would give us a chance to catch up! [Also, directors rarely get naked on set, so that would be a plus with Dee too. Of course, considering most directors, we really don’t miss the whole nudity thing very much.]

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Dee Owns It ,,, FAST

Dee in Racer XXX

by D.Minion


risque dee imageI was spending the weekend with Dee – on the set of Ultimate’s Racer XXX, directed by Nicholas Steele. [Originally Mr. Steele owned Ultimate, which Adam & Eve distributed. At some point Adam & Eve actually took over Ultimate, employing Nicholas to run the company. And then at some further point all the fine Ultimate products went the way of history. Now Nicholas Steele runs Bluebird, Adam & Eve makes even more bucket-loads of money than they did back in the old days, and Dee … well, Dee is still the same Dee, albeit not naked on camera nearly as much. Guess which one we miss more.] Not a bad way to spend the weekend! The set was a warehouse in downtown Los Angeles. The traffic was horrendous, but we got there exactly on time. Of course they were behind schedule anyway, so we lounged in the sunshine of the parking lot on chaises. Continue reading Dee Owns It ,,, FAST
Inari and Dee Lights

Dee Lights

Wisdom Be Yawn Years

by Vi Carious

Quotes are always good to start with, right? Real writers open chapters with quotes all the time.

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.

— Albert Einstein

Do or do not. There is no try.

— Yoda

OK. So actually we didn’t compile those little bits of wisdom ourselves, as technically they came from a super-geek (read: Really Freakin’ Expensive) book on “Professional Texture Application in 3D Gaming Environments.” (What did you think we read in our spare time, Cosmo?)

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