It’s All About Dee Kitty

Pussyman’s Black Bad Girls 13 — (and Dee)

by D.Minion

risque imageDee was having car trouble, so there were two reasons I accompanied her to the set of Pussyman’s Black Bad Girls. Well, three, actually. She’s been so busy producing and directing that I hardly ever see her. This would give us a chance to catch up! [Also, directors rarely get naked on set, so that would be a plus with Dee too. Of course, considering most directors, we really don’t miss the whole nudity thing very much.]

We wandered into the mansion that was to be the set this evening. It seemed less “cold” than other mansions I’ve seen. I think it was the wall to wall carpet! Nothing like marble floors to knock the temperature down a few degrees. [Or being around Dee makes D.Minion hot. That could be it too.]

risque imageI settled Dee in to the makeup room, and found Joel Lawrence (Dee’s costar) and the production manager outside on the patio. I asked the PM for a script for Dee. Before he had a chance to answer me, Joel chimed in. “I haven’t seen a script,” he said. “But they’re all the same. Dee will come in and say, ‘Hi Pussyman. Do you like my pussy? Do you like my ass? Do you want to watch me fuck?’ And we’ll fuck.” The PM nodded in agreement. “He’s been doing these movies for 30 years,” he said. “And they’re all the same. But they’re good, and they sell!” [She means David “Pussyman” Christopher had been doing those movies for 30 years, not Joel Lawrence, but we will say this: God Bless him. … Come to think of it, David can now claim 40+ years of being a porn superhero, and we still say the same thing.]

OK. Cool. They were both right. When I read the script it was pretty much as advertised. However, with Dee and Joel in the scene I knew it was going to be hot! [In order from left to right (below): Dee, Dee, Joel, Dee, Dee. Boys are only so interesting, after all.]

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The scene before Dee’s turn finished, and the other actors got ready to go home. But they couldn’t leave. The cars were all lined up to one side of a very long and very narrow driveway. To get out, EVERYONE had to move his or her car. It was like a long car dance! [OK. So thinking ahead has never been high on the job description for Producers. Odd, though, right? It seems like it should be.]