It’s All About Dee Kitty

Dee’s first scene was in the bathroom. Pussyman wanted a little “pussy washing.” Dee pretended she was just done using the bathroom. “We’ll put the tinkle sound in in post,” Pussyman said. “Do you want a big gush or mild tinkle?” Dee opted for the mild tinkle — with NO FARTING!! Pussyman promised that’s exactly what he’d do. Then Dee did a little masturbation scene on the sink. “Pussyman hasn’t seen me in a long time. I’ll show him I’m still hot,” she said. And she showed the camera and all the folks at home how smokin’ hot she is! [Hmm. We have a sink. … More Dee.]

Then it was time for her scene with Pussyman. Dee’s dialogue was something like, “Why haven’t I been on a box cover? What do I have to do for you, strip? Do you like my pussy? Do you like my ass?” (Sound familiar?) [I don’t know. Dee has asked me for a lot of things over the years, but I do not recall precisely this sort of negotiating. That’s probably good. I’d have caved in a heartbeat.] After stripping and masturbating a bit, Dee brought in her special friend Joel Lawrence. Pussyman loves to watch, so he settled down in a chair to watch the two get it on. Except he really moved around the camera to watch the monitor. He IS the director after all! [Also, you get the close up shots there. Y’know … ]

risque imageJoel went down on Dee. When they cut, he had a tough time stopping! Dee didn’t want him to stop, either. She lapsed into Spanish almost immediately! (She usually doesn’t begin speaking Spanish until much later in the scene.) She was so in the throes of passion that she almost fell off the couch. Then she was so turned on that she jumped up from her reclining position. This girl wasn’t faking a bit! [Some of the men in this business get a lot of practice. Rumor has it that makes perfect.]

risque image“Do you like that Pussyman?” Dee asked the now empty chair. Pussyman assured her that he did! Pussyman wanted to make sure he had enough soft core for the scene. (When it’s a truly passionate scene like that, both cameras tend to shoot hard core!) [The only time I have seen a camera operator prefer to shoot soft angles has been on gay sets. Sexuality resides at the “core” of all of this, after all.] The camera guy said he’d make sure there was enough soft. Dee is so beautiful, there’s a lot of her to shoot — not just her gorgeous body, but the flowers on her pedicured toes, the rhinestones on her shoes, etc. [Sure. If you say so.]

Dee went down on Joel, and then transitioned into first position — Reverse Cowgirl. No one likes this position, but it looks great on camera. [Correction: No women like this position.] This room happened to have a shiny, slippery, wood floor, and somehow Dee managed to keep her balance in high heels! [Well, if you can masturbate on a sink, you’d think you could manage not to fall off the floor.]