If you want to get the short answer on Dee, you need only look to the people that know her best.

From the Risqué Star Page Dee Index:

Our industry in particular overuses the term “exotic.” Webster (the dictionary, not the little obnoxious kid from 80’s television) explains it thus: “… strikingly or excitingly different or unusual.” That about sums it up for us.

In our opinion, in the category of “Way Too Beautiful, and Been in the Business Way too Long Not to be a Superstar,” Dee clearly comes out the hands-down winner. We’ve gotten to know Dee extremely well over the years, and we will tell you one thing with absolute certainty: People have no idea what they’re missing if they have not taken the chance to get to know Dee. (True, developing a relationship in person would be infinitely preferable to meeting her only through her work, but sometimes in life we must sadly play the hand we’re dealt.)

From friend, to confidante, to lover (we hear), to professional, to pet-sitter, to Godmother for your children, there simply are no better choices that you could make.

In short: Dee. … All that she can Dee.