Something Special This Way Comes

You do not have to spend a lot of money to have a lot of fun, but we do wish to be clear from the outset. (Can you already tell Dee has aligned herself with a strange group?)

We are a commune of membership sites, and it does cost twenty bucks a month — well, $19.95 — to see the explicit material from Dee’s XXX career, along with all the others. We can, however, promise that we have never pretended to be the stars, and we have no intention of ever doing so. Dee deploys the risque geeks as she sees fit on DeesClub, and we merrily do as directed. Truthfully, no one really minds much taking direction from Dee.

When you talk to Dee on the Members’ Message Board, you will actually be talking to Dee.

Kind of hard to wrap your head around, right?

Cheap to Join Dee

Read ‘em and Reap

Risque Women

You get every one of the Risque Communes sites when you join Dee’s Club. You can read all about it at but if you want the short answer: They work “hard” for their money, so we better treat ‘em right. … Don’t you just love a good double entendre?