Dee Directs for Risque

Dee Directs

MILF’s Night Out (Directed by Dee)

by D.Minion


When I first began writing for Adult Diary, one of my jobs was to accompany Lucky’s girls to their movie sets. I’d take photos of (pretty much) only the girl I came with, and because I was so shy, sometimes I’d hardly even talk with anyone else. [Of course now DM is a lot better – and more comfortable. Now she talks to the person responsible for the food on set too.]

Dee Directs for RisqueWhen I began writing for Michael Ninn’s site, it was a whole different ballgame. Often on set I wouldn’t know any of the actors. I had to learn to introduce myself, ask questions, and take photos of everything and everyone. [Not that this particular picture has anything specifically to do with Ninn sets, as it actually applies more generally to shoots in general now that almost everyone books off of the Internet.]

Since we moved to the Central Coast a couple of years ago, I haven’t had a chance to go to any sets with Kristal, but when she told me she was going to be in a movie that Dee was directing, I knew I had to go! (Besides, I hadn’t seen Kristal naked for months and was getting the DT’s!) [That happens. It’s sad.]

Dee Directs for RisqueKristal’s place is very small, so I bunked with Dee and Brandon the night before the shoot. When I arrived, Dee and her friend Angel (who was doing the catering for this movie) were busy putting together the mountain of paperwork that is necessary in the Adult business.

Dee has just become a Contract Director for Sinsations, and this was one of her first movies for them. She is thrilled to be directing for this new, up and coming company! I was just thrilled that I was going to be on set with Kristal and Dee again! [And D.Minion was likely also thrilled to be on set with someone cooking for her again too. … Call that one an educated guess.]

Dee told me that this was a MILF (Mother I’d Like to Fuck) movie entitled MILF’s Night Out. In it, four women have a reunion. Kristal and each of the other three ladies have a sex scene, and at the end there’s a big orgy with all the girls plus two guys. Sounded fun to me! [I obviously have never been to the right kind of reunion. I have met several of these maternal types over the years, however; and I didn’t even know what we were supposed to call them back then.]