Dee Latex And “Delatexing”

The Dedicated Risqué Crew

We’re not exactly sure how this idea originally occurred to the leaders, as it was many, many beers ago, but for some reason at one of the Members’ Parties, we decided we absolutely needed to cover Dee’s naked body with latex.

Dee Latex — Dee Tale of Dee Details

[Per Dee’s request, we went back and pulled the relevant part of the story of that day. If you want to find this entire story after you JOIN, simply plug in a series of words from this section. Risqué has a very elaborate search engine, basically a necessity when you have 20,000+ pages in the site.]

Now for the members that didn’t win the photo op, they got to take part in a prize drawing. Harry and Tinker handed out tickets and started the draw. Bernie ended up with Latex paint, several videos and DVDs. The amount of prizes he was winning he should have been playing cards! Bert got a novelty gift for males, Mike won DVD’s and Tee’s, Newbie won several prizes too and kept saying, “I’m not a loser! I’m not a loser!” I ended up winning a DVD, Tee and a large supply of condoms! More condoms for Maverick! How am I going to explain this to Customs?! [Just show them the pictures. They’ll understand.]