Dee Directs for Risque

Dee Directs

Recently Kristal has been cast in a lot of MILF movies including one entitled Cougars In Heat with porn stud Christian. She also spends a lot of time at the Playboy Mansion. She had been there the previous Sunday and had watched the movie The Black Dahlia, which Kristal thought was “dumb.” She’d also watched an unedited Girls Next Door episode with the stars of the show, Hef and his girlfriends. Kristal confided that the girlfriends are friendlier on the show than they are in person. [Really? We’re shocked. … Honest. … There are actually many times over the years that we’ve thought they should come up with a “pastie on the mouth” rule for Playmates. … There are of course Playmates that are truly wonderful, kind, and intelligent people; but there are lawyers like that too and it doesn’t mean you want to hang out with the entire group if you don’t have to.]

The first scene was already going on. Dee was excited to be directing a new guy. No one on set had ever seen him in action. “I want to see him fuck!” Dee giggled as she jumped up and down. (If you can’t have fun on a porn set, why bother?) [Hey, odds are you’ve thought the same thing at least once or twice in your own work environment, but you probably can’t be as open about it as Dee can. This is a good gig if you’re not shy.] I wanted to get as many photos of Kristal as possible, so while she waited for her turn in the makeup chair, Kristal and I found a private spot in the garage.

Dee Directs for RisquePhotographing Kristal is always a joy. All I have to do is stand there and snap pictures. Kristal loves to pose and comes alive when the camera is on her! [This seems ironic, considering how she kills the rest of us.]

When we got back, the scene was over, and Dee gave Kristal her script. Kristal had a fair amount of lines, so began the arduous process of memorizing them.

When she took a study-break, I asked her some of my “patented” questions.

  • Kristal’s favorite condiments are ketchup and Ranch dressing. Her favorite computer font is Gothic, and she likes to type in red.
  • Kristal’s screen savers consist of Pamela Anderson, and photos of Hef and his girlfriends.
  • Tats include stars on her wrists and neck, a pin-up girl on her back, a demon on her calf, roses/thorns encircling one ankle, and a tiny heart on the other ankle that she got when she was just 16.
  • Kristal would never use a nuclear bomb. She believes in love, not war. She might pick up someone at a funeral; it would depend on whose funeral it is.
  • When asked, “Paper or plastic,” she said, “Plastic,” because she could carry things in it later.
  • When asked, “Coke or Pepsi” she said “Coke.”
  • Kristal’s favorite color is pink. Her favorite sex position is anything where she’s on the top. Her favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla.
  • Kristal has been in the Adult business for a bit over six years. She does both girl/girl and boy/girl scenes.

[We’re fairly sure there are not actual patents on these questions, by the way, and so if you want to use them later yourself, you can feel free to. … And for what it’s worth, maybe you should pay a little more attention to women that list “vanilla” as their favorite ice cream flavor.]