Dee Directs for Risque

Dee Directs

In the morning we loaded up the truck and headed to the location – a mansion in the San Fernando Valley. Since there wasn’t enough room in the truck for everything necessary, I carried the food in my car. As we “busted U’s,” I could smell the delicious lasagna that Brandon and Angel had made the night before! Yummy! [Call this another educated guess: It’s a good thing they did not decide to store said lasagna on the front passenger seat next to DM for the trip. … We can tell you from experience that this turns out to be an extremely dangerous place for food substances you prefer to survive the entire journey intact.]

Dee Directs for RisqueWe unloaded and I met up with Kristal! It was wonderful seeing her again! She’s as gorgeous as ever, and was ecstatic to be working with Dee again!

As I said, my style of writing and my stories have changed because of the changes in the movies I’ve covered. But since this was Kristal’s movie, I decided to concentrate on only my buddy Kristal (and Dee of course!) I was nice and polite and introduced myself to everyone, but I didn’t photograph every scene and I didn’t interview every girl. I knew I only had a short time with Kristal and I wanted to make every minute count! [Honestly being able to “cover” a shoot from any ol’ perspective we want happens to be a lot more fun. D.Minion has this irritating “fairness gene” that makes her want to give everyone on set their “due attention” if we’re hitting a more “company” angle when we’re there. Of course DM also thinks a woman is “pretty” if she is “nice” … regardless of what the lass in question actually looks like. … As far as we know DM’s condition has no cure, and if that’s not a reason to ban 70’s sitcoms from replay on television, there may not be one. You know that we discovered this weekend (while over at DM’s helping her repaint part of her house) that she actually has an entire dresser drawer devoted to “holiday socks” …. She actually calls it a dedicated holiday sock drawer. You just can’t make this stuff up.]

The first thing I did was catch up with my friend. In addition to making movies, Kristal is now house-dancing at Snooky’s, a bikini bar in Simi Valley. Kristal says she likes Snooky’s because she can arrange her own schedule. (And get time off to make movies whenever she likes!) Even though Snooky’s is a bikini bar, the girls are allowed to take off their tops if they tape their nipples. (It would be a shame to keep Kristal’s beautiful boobies incased in a swimsuit top all the time!)

Dee Directs for Risque [If you can believe this, the “pastie on the nipples” rules actually almost always came about because of “health concerns” voiced by various government entities. Aside from that fact that recent mothers very rarely, if ever, actually have much interest in appearing naked in public, when exactly did lactations become a threat to humans? … You’ll see lots of “going around the moral issue with ridiculous subterfuge” if you look hard enough. Of course it will probably depress you how afraid of sex most people still are, so be careful here. … For example, we can clearly see how Kristal could be dangerous here, but I’m still sure we wouldn’t necessarily want anyone to protect us from it.]