Dee Directs for Risque

Dee Directs

Dee Directs for RisqueI managed to get some more photos of Kristal in her yellow and orange bikini when the BTS guy found us and asked Kristal if she’d like to do her Behind The Scenes interview. Kristal said she’d love to, so the three of us ensconced ourselves in the baby’s room. (That was a little weird.) I happily took photos as Kristal happily answered questions. [Why is that weird? What does DM think causes babies, after all? … Of course by now you’ve probably discerned that it might be best NOT to utilize D.Minion as your personal barometer of reasonable social perspectives.]

When we were done, Kristal met her scene partner, Brad Hardy. The other ladies in the movie were very attractive, but none more attractive than our own Ms. Summers – and Brad knew it! “I’m not trading her!” he declared! He wanted Kristal all to himself! Kristal liked Brad, too, and they bonded while running lines. [Male talent can be really funny, can’t they? … Presumably it never occurred to Mr. Hardy that one of the other women he inadvertently insulted with his “charm” here might be in a position to get him more work on future shoots – or not.]

Dee Directs for RisqueAs happens on many porn sets, we were running late. One of the girls had flaked and one of the guys went home sick. So to make up for lost time, Dee directed Demi Dalia (Randy Spears’ real-life wife, by the way.) in one room, while Brandon directed Kristal and Brad in another. [And because we were curious about Demi we went and looked her up. Some parts seem rather non-demi it appears to us.]

“Hi, I’m Brad Hardy,” Brad deadpanned to Kristal right before the scene began. “I’ll be licking your pussy.”

“I’m Kristal Summers,” Kristal replied. “I’ll be sucking your dick!” [Hmm. I’ve known Kristal for years, and she’s never once greeted me this way. … Of course I’ve never tried using Brad’s opening line either. … Somebody out there try it and let us know if it works.]

Dee Directs for Risque Dee Directs for Risque Dee Directs for Risque

[As strange as it may sound to D.Minion, you may actually have had enough of the “reading” function today, so we’ve split this story into two parts. You can continue with the story, or you can simply jump to the pictures. If by chance you have managed to make it this far in the actual text, we’ll let you know that we’ve learned that this area is a good place to say disparaging things about Maverick, as he really doesn’t read the stories. Apparently he gets distracted by the pictures – even after all this time. Odd.]