It’s All About Dee Kitty

After second position, Cowgirl, there was a water break and a break for stills. Dee reminded the still photographer that he needed to get pictures of Reverse Cowgirl, and climbed into that rather uncomfortable position. (I love Dee. She’s always thinking. Have I mentioned, recently, that I love intelligent women?) [Well, this “lately” turns out to have been twelve years ago, but interestingly enough, D.Minion still has the same philosophy. Just look how smart Dee looks.]

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Last position was Doggie. Ah! A comfortable one! Except Dee had one foot on the floor and it was slipping like crazy. Not one to complain, she asked for a sandbag for her foot. Then it wouldn’t slip. Pussyman said she could just take off her shoe. [Other than that, Pussyman and Michael Ninn are exactly the same.]

When it was time for the pop, Joel said, “Thank God for the condom. I’d have cum three times!” A crew guy said, “Yeah, but you’d have beautiful children!” (Ya know, they really would! Hmmm, Auntie D.Minion … .) [Discretion. Valor. … Resulting silence here. … You understand. Let’s look at the rest of Dee. That’ll distract us.]

They decided on a facial cum shot, and Dee reminded Joel of the rules — no eyes and no nose. Joel said he liked the “two-handed thing” Dee does, so Dee got to aim herself! A pop! And the scene was over. Wow! Truly one of the most passionate and sexual I’ve seen! [For the record, none of us here would have any problem with letting Dee aim either. We’re an understanding bunch.]

We said good bye to the cast and crew. Joel Lawrence kissed me on the cheek. Hmm, I bet we’d have beautiful children … . [D.Minion as a mom? … Honestly that’s a lot more “Halloween” than “Christmas.” We should have found this a couple of months ago. OK. So maybe 12 years and a couple of months. … ]