Dee Owns It ,,, FAST

Dee in Racer XXX

by D.Minion


risque dee imageI was spending the weekend with Dee – on the set of Ultimate’s Racer XXX, directed by Nicholas Steele. [Originally Mr. Steele owned Ultimate, which Adam & Eve distributed. At some point Adam & Eve actually took over Ultimate, employing Nicholas to run the company. And then at some further point all the fine Ultimate products went the way of history. Now Nicholas Steele runs Bluebird, Adam & Eve makes even more bucket-loads of money than they did back in the old days, and Dee … well, Dee is still the same Dee, albeit not naked on camera nearly as much. Guess which one we miss more.] Not a bad way to spend the weekend! The set was a warehouse in downtown Los Angeles. The traffic was horrendous, but we got there exactly on time. Of course they were behind schedule anyway, so we lounged in the sunshine of the parking lot on chaises. Although Dee had brought several changes of clothes with her, the wardrobe mistress said she’d rather Dee wear the clothes the studio provided. After all, the warehouse was beyond grimy! But if Dee wore her own stuff, Ultimate would happily buy Dee’s grungy clothes. [Hmm. If Ultimate knew about eBay earlier on, perhaps they would still be around. Who knows?] Dee assured the wardrobe mistress that all her clothes were washable, so between the two of them, they created a number of dynamite outfits! [In all of which Dee looked explosive, naturally.] risque dee imageI’d brought the new Hot Video magazine with me. It’s kind of like AVN, but all in French. [Much like our lost Ultimate, we no longer have Hot Video either. So far this whole birthday thing has been kind of depressing really.] With my high school French, I couldn’t read many of the words, but happily looked at the photos, especially the one of Dee from when she was producing and directing for Video Team! [Hands down, Dee was the best looking director Video Team ever had. Of course the guy that owned Video Team now runs Evil Angel for John Stagliano. On the upside, Dee is still very beautiful.] Racer XXX was vaguely inspired by the character of the same name in the Speed Racer cartoons. But instead of Trixie, Spritle, and Chim Chim, his friends are the warehouse workers, who just happen to race cars in their free time. [Gee. Too bad Hollywood never latched onto that young friends racing around town theme. That might have been really popular. … It might even have caught on fast and furious, you could say.]