Dee Owns It ,,, FAST

Dee’s partner for the day, hunky Julian St. Jox, arrived, and they discussed their scene with Director Steele. Julian, a warehouse worker, would operate a forklift, stopping to talk with girlfriend Dee. After exchanging a few lines, they’d have sex on the forklift. Cool! That was a new one for me! [We cannot be absolutely certain, but it seems likely it was a first for the forklift as well.]
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As official Risqué mama hen, I was a tad worried that Julian, who actually isn’t a forklift driver in real life, would run over my buddy Dee. I didn’t need to worry though. He’s a very careful driver! The only problem was that they needed to completely shut off the forklift before dialogue started, and it took several attempts before they could even begin kissing. [You know how to tell if the beautiful women you’re about to have sex with is distracting you? … You can’t figure out how to turn an ignition key.] Finally the scene began in earnest, with Dee going down on Julian – on the forklift. The clothes began “falling” off, with a P.A. helping Dee off with her cargo pants. They tie at the cuffs, and she had a tough time getting them over her big ol’ work boots! After Julian went down on Dee, they discussed viable sex positions. There are only so many things you can do on this machine. [Well if nothing else we have now seen how they can be darned handy with very tall men and short women. Seems like a waste to just use them to move around heavy stuff now, does it not?] risque dee imageAt about 4:30 they began Standing Doggie. Dee was standing on the lift’s fork. Yeah, I was worried she’d fall off. Then they transitioned to regular Doggie. That seemed safer. [Having never actually witnessed D.Minion having sex doggie style we cannot be certain, but apparently the guy doesn’t hold on to her as dearly as Julian held Dee. … This seems like an excellent topic not to pursue further, come to think of it. … Instead we can talk about the man on the left of the photograph here. At the time Mark Kernes was a honcho over at AVN. Oddly enough, Mark Kernes is STILL a honcho over at AVN, which is really saying something. They only have like two and a half honchos left.] Director Steele asked that Dee be pointed towards him “in a cat-like way.” He also asked her to speak Spanish for him. Dee had no problem at all with these requests! [Sometimes you learn a lot about a particular director’s own sexual quirks when you’re on set. … And sometimes this can be more than a little disconcerting.]