Dee Owns It ,,, FAST

When it was time for stills, the on set photographer lay down on the dirt floor for some close up photos. Dee was worried that it would make her “look like a frog.” [Thus we can safely assume Dee has never actually seen a frog.] I later assured her that she looked NOTHING like frog in that position! Last position was Mish on the forklift. Dee put her clothes down on the fork to cushion her back a bit, and Julian fucked her so hard that the machine actually moved with them. Wow. … It looked great, but all I could think of was if they fell and Dee hurt herself Lucky would kill ME. [Naw. Never happen. Now severe torture, we could see that as a likely result.] A FIP, a pop, and the scene was over! We were home by about 8:30 p.m. And the forklift hadn’t hurt Dee at all! [Also, for the next couple of weeks, workers paid to use that particular machine.]

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