Inari and Dee Lights

Dee Lights

risque Dee LightsNow a friend of mine sent in this picture over at the right in his typically rabid political humor fashion, but if you kind of ignore the social commentary, you can get a pretty good idea of our leadership ride on this particular trip. Dee was in the very early stages of proving that she could produce a show; Inari continued her “the Gods will strike me dead if I go to sleep while it’s night time in France” philosophy, although she still felt some responsibility to Steve at Wicked, since she’d promised to help set everything up. Devinn was literally on vacation in Paris, but she was under contract with Wicked at this time, and so she also felt some need to be sure that everything worked out well for the company.

Devinn and I had actually been to Paris just a few months prior to this visit, but she had a lot to do for a French company at their annual big show on that trip, so we always found ourselves either doing some press event, actually signing, eating very quickly, or sleeping whenever we could over the ten days. Even if you’re in Paris, if you’re working it’s just like a convention job anywhere, except on the way to the show every day you can look out the car window and say, “Hey! The Eiffel Tower. Cool.” We didn’t exactly have much time to sightsee.

New Dee Lights Upon Us …

On this trip, consequently, we made bopping around the city part of our actual responsibilities. (You can’t really end up with a bunch of college degrees and still be a complete idiot … well, most of the time.) Because of that fact, and because I am not as convinced as, say, D.Minion, that everyone really wants to see a bunch of home movies, even if we do have rather atypical homes, we broke up the video clips into two categories for everyone.

The top collage on this page gives you a sense of the “pre” and “post” event clips (and still makes Carol really happy, even though she now had broad-band). The “parts 1, 2, and 3” then would be what I think you’re more likely to appreciate from a site like this. Those screen grabs follow: … [Once again we had almost nothing to choose from when filtered through our clothed in the free areas standard. Still, you can sort of get the idea … you know, sort of.]

risque Dee Lights risque Dee Lights risque Dee Lights risque Dee Lights risque Dee Lights

If you don’t really want to watch the wandering around Paris parts, but you don’t want to miss anything important, let me condense those two clips for you. The girls noticed that Europe is really old, somewhat dividing their time between studying history and Devinn’s “underpants” in the process. Devinn did turn out to be the only one that actually got to see the Mona Lisa, since the rest of us had to work. Dee and Inari took a bath together at the end of each day, and invited the cameraman in to film the festivities … just like you do at home. Oh! And old hotels in France have really small elevators.

That about covers it, unless you count the part where Dee thinks Inari wants to “bag it” and head back to the hotel, but Inari really wants a “baguette” to eat. No matter where you travel with porn stars, just so you know, lunch has a tendency to always be a very big theme.