TOUR: ‘Dis is Dee Life

Dee has been a very close member of the Risque Family for a period approaching decades. DeesClub has literally hundreds of pages of stories and insights into “Dee Life” as she lived, and lives, it. She has shared tens of thousands of photos and videos with people over the years, and we were there to compile all of this into one all-encompassing Club for her. If you really want to know Dee, then DeesClub reigns as the absolute best place to accomplish that goal. What follows represent actual posts or “media” from actual moments in time. As for Dee herself, although she limits her appearances to her Message Board these days, no star we have seen has been able to follow her yet.

Dee Directs for Risque

Dee Directs

MILF’s Night Out (Directed by Dee)

by D.Minion


When I first began writing for Adult Diary, one of my jobs was to accompany Lucky’s girls to their movie sets. I’d take photos of (pretty much) only the girl I came with, and because I was so shy, sometimes I’d hardly even talk with anyone else. [Of course now DM is a lot better – and more comfortable. Now she talks to the person responsible for the food on set too.]

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