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Dee Directs for Risque

Dee Directs

MILF’s Night Out (Directed by Dee)

by D.Minion


When I first began writing for Adult Diary, one of my jobs was to accompany Lucky’s girls to their movie sets. I’d take photos of (pretty much) only the girl I came with, and because I was so shy, sometimes I’d hardly even talk with anyone else. [Of course now DM is a lot better – and more comfortable. Now she talks to the person responsible for the food on set too.]

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If you want to get the short answer on Dee, you need only look to the people that know her best.

From the Risqué Star Page Dee Index:

Our industry in particular overuses the term “exotic.” Webster (the dictionary, not the little obnoxious kid from 80’s television) explains it thus: “… strikingly or excitingly different or unusual.” That about sums it up for us.

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