Dee Chronicles of Oui

For now, I’ll leave you with a quick collage of our friend Heather, followed by some dandy video clips at the bottom of the page. (Feel free to scroll down quickly if you find yourselves so inclined.) Now we’re not saying that Heather’s part of what’s on the horizon here at risqué, but one really never knows, does one? Personally the only thing I’ve ever known for certain is that I don’t know anything for certain — which can get pretty complicated if you think about it too much. Let’s not …

risque image risque image risque image risque image risque image

[As you might imagine, Heather gets naked really fast, so we basically couldn’t show anything after the first row. You get the point, however: We can apologize with the best of ‘em. … ]

Now don’t you feel more peaceful and serene already? Haven’t you already forgotten your sudden irritation at finding your ability to interact directly with us temporarily suspended? Isn’t everything all better now? … OK. Well, don’t you at least consider Heather (whether Vuur or Vandeven) just darned pretty? Just so you know, when the server dude discovered this unintended side effect of making it now possible for the various women we work with to do much more with their sites from their own homes — and from wherever in the world — he did have the decency to send us this completely explanatory photograph. As you can see, all of the people that work with us have the same sense of humor. Or maybe we’re all just similarly insane. Whatever …

Dog Days of Geekdom

Well, maybe a little more “movement” from Heather will help to ease the discomfort. It certainly distracted all of us for a while. [Obviously the video of Heather disrobed as quickly as the stills, so we couldn’t put that out here either. We have A LOT of video of Dee on her site, but for some reason we don’t seem to shoot all that much of it with her dressed. Go figure.]

When this all does get fixed over the next few weeks (as Bijou and the current coders assure us), it will all be a lot better, and we’ll even look back and laugh. (Yeah, right.)

You can be sure, however, that the irritating Person in Charge around here did NOT use the precise term “current coders” accidentally. You Members, enjoy Ms. V … The rest of you, Get back to Work!