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Nothing can give you a better idea of what Dee offers in her Membership Site than showing you actual posts from within that very place. That date shown on the story represents the exact date it went up in the Risqué Communes, you know, just in case you want to go looking for some specific pictures, or video, or something. …

Dee Live in “Piece”

(Dee) Slice o’ Heaven

by D.Minion

Dee and I have been hanging out together a lot, lately, and I consider her to be one of my new best friends. She calls me “Mommy” and I call her “Little Yehaw.” (That means “Little One” in Spanish.) I like to think that the names have sexual connotations, but it’s probably more the 18-year difference in our ages. (Sigh.) Regardless, I’m enjoying spending time with her! So when Lucky asked if I’d like to go on set with Dee, I jumped at the chance!

I met her on the set of her latest movie Slice O’ Heaven. In it Dee plays a woman who is killed by her husband. When another woman dies before her time, her soul inhabits Dee’s body.

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