Dee Live in “Piece”

Apparently Byron likes uptight middle-aged white chicks with glasses. He immediately began trying to talk me out of my clothes and into a three-way with Dee. He didn’t understand why I wouldn’t even entertain the idea! No offence to Byron. He’s extremely handsome, and of course Dee is stunningly beautiful. Have I mentioned, recently, that I’m painfully shy? [We didn’t hear anyone mention cameras, did y’all?]

risque dee imageDee had a slammin’ sex scene with my well mannered new pal Guy DeSilva. (Don’t you love her business outfit? I wish I knew business people who looked like that!) Then it was time for her scene with my other new pal Byron Long. When he dropped trou, I could see that his name is not a misnomer! Dee insisted they start with missionary position to loosen her up and open her up a bit. As the scene went on, I almost expected his dick to pop out of the top of her mouth. (OK, I’m exaggerating a tad, but not much!) I kept catching Dee’s eye to see if she was all right with everything. Her glowing face and happy smile told me everything I needed to know! [Ah. It makes sense now. As we were going through the pictures, we noticed that the Byron Long scene only has a couple of pictures with it. In fact, we called D.Minion’s cell phone (She’s on yet another set with Inari.) and asked her about the remaining shots."Is it possible you stopped taking pictures right in the middle of a sex scene?” we asked. She said she really didn’t remember. Looks like she was just a little too captivated by Mr. Long to remember to pop the shutter. Remind us to have Juli shoot him for Ashton View. Maybe then we can get that three-way with Dee and D.Minion. Must be an impressive fellow.]

All in all it was a lovely day. I got to spend time with my “Little Yehaw;” I met some nice people, and I came close to having a three-way with two gorgeous porn stars. Life is good!

[As you might imagine, the “action” photos from the shoot tend to be, well, full of adult action, so we couldn’t really use them out here where there could be sensitive eyes on them. We did find five that seemed suitably covered, however, so we put a special bonus row here. … Five out of 100+? That seems about right.]

risque dee image risque dee image risque dee image risque dee image risque dee image