Dee Live in “Piece”

(Dee) Slice o’ Heaven

by D.Minion

Dee and I have been hanging out together a lot, lately, and I consider her to be one of my new best friends. She calls me “Mommy” and I call her “Little Yehaw.” (That means “Little One” in Spanish.) I like to think that the names have sexual connotations, but it’s probably more the 18-year difference in our ages. (Sigh.) Regardless, I’m enjoying spending time with her! So when Lucky asked if I’d like to go on set with Dee, I jumped at the chance!

I met her on the set of her latest movie Slice O’ Heaven. In it Dee plays a woman who is killed by her husband. When another woman dies before her time, her soul inhabits Dee’s body.

risque dee imageThe day began as most on-set days begin — in the makeup room. I settled down in a chair and watched Dee put on a long, curly, BIG, wig. It was beautiful and sort of made her look like Chaka Khan. Dee is very young, and has kind of a vague idea who Chaka Khan is. (Sigh.) Dee’s hair color is close to mine, and she said I could borrow the wig someday! Now I just need to find the right venue … [We’ll take pictures, you can be sure. Hopefully the venue will involve Dee getting naked and hanging around for a while.]

As I watched Dee changing from “My Buddy Dee” to “Glamorous Superstar Dee,” Guy DeSilva walked into the room. He’d just finished a scene. He introduced himself to me, and then asked if I minded if he changed his clothes in front of me. Heck, I didn’t mind. I’m on porn sets all the time and I’m used to seeing naked men and women that I don’t know. Guy didn’t know that. risque dee imageHe just knew that I was a civilian, and he wanted to be polite (his words). I thought it was sweet that he asked. No one on a set had ever asked me that before. [Every time we ask her, she says, “No!” Women are fickle.]

The next person I met was Byron Long. He didn’t need to get changed, and I must admit I was a bit disappointed. Dee had told me that he was much more well endowed than the average porn star. I wanted to see that!

I had a nice chat with Byron. He also immediately pegged me as a civilian, so he asked me about my background and how I came to work in the business. (I thought I covered the civilian part so well. I thought I was so hip and happening. I thought wrong … Dee says she’s going to teach me to talk “ghetto."Maybe that will help …) [Right. Maybe that will help.]